Police arrests boyfriend in Rubaga double murders

Posted: 2019-01-08T06:21:12Z
Police arrests boyfriend in Rubaga double murders

Police at Old Kampala Station has in custody two men in connection with the murder of two young women aged between 20 and 24, whose bodies were found rotting in a rented room in Kakeeka village, Rubaga division. 

Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson identifies the key suspect as Malimali Ndihoma Sisco Mashal Justine as 24-year-old Congolese national who was arrested by Avipol in Entebbe. He was arrested with another yet to be identified man who is suspected to be an accomplice. 

“We were able to establish that the suspect has been a longtime boyfriend to one of the deceased girls (Njiba) and claims to have been in the country for leisure, having come to Uganda last month. The suspect however claims this was a kidnap deal, it could be a crime of passion due to jealousy” Oweyesigire told Howw.biz.

The victims were also identified by neighbors as Huda Njuba 22 years and Safinah both formerly students of East African University who allegedly disappeared on January 4th 2019.

According to Owoyesigyire, Police was informed of the death by neighbors after a foul stench that was originating from the room, which had remained closed for more than three days.  However, there were no signs of struggle or injuries on the two bodies although one of them was found with a knife in her hand.

Detectives swept the crime scene for any possible evidence. They managed to recover exhibits including used condoms, the knife and phones found on the bodies of the two.

Owoyesigyire adds that they also arrested the landlord to help in investigations.