Defiance in parliament as COSASE Overlooks Museveni’s proposal to hold BOU Inquiry in camera

Posted: 2018-12-11T11:32:39Z Read: 1,389 times
Defiance in parliament as COSASE Overlooks Museveni’s proposal to hold BOU Inquiry in camera

Committee on commissions, statutory authorities and state enterprises COSASE will continue to operate publicly as it probes the dubious sale of different commercial banks by some members of the central bank.

The development was announced by Hon. Abdu Katuntu the committee chairperson during today’s proceedings at parliament. On Monday, president Yoweri Museveni told the press that what the committee is doing is wrong and that it should conduct such an inquiry in camera.

The president said he had met the BOU officials prior to the inquiry, but would never reveal what he spoke to them about. He said the public should not be treated to the drama and arguments between MPs and the officials. 

“I think the procedure is wrong because this is bank of Uganda. If you want to investigate it, do it quietly? Why don’t you do it in camera? Because you can do it in camera, so that what the people see is action” the president noted.

However, hon. Katuntu says the committee proceedings will remain public. “We will define ourselves; we will not act under pressure or negative propaganda because there are many people who don’t wish this committee success. We will do our work as stipulated by the law” Katuntu said.

He added that some people did it deliberately to discredit the committee proceedings, forcing them to do everything publicly and transparently so that everybody sees what is taking place.

“If there is any issue that may need this committee to proceed in camera, it should be brought to the table, we discus it and take a judicious decision. But also that process will be transparent so that the public knows why may be that issue should be handled away from the cameras. As of now, let’s proceed the way we have done, because in the chair’s assessment we have moved on well” he added.

The president promised to speak to the speaker about the matter. It remains unclear what will happen after the clash.