Police issues traffic, beach management, security guidelines ahead of the festive season

Posted: 2018-12-04T06:36:09Z Read: 1,212 times
Police issues traffic, beach management, security guidelines ahead of the festive season

Ugandans have been urged to take precautions to address local security concerns like terror attacks cross border organized crimes and thefts, burglaries among others.

This call was made by police spokesperson Emilian Kayima while delivering to the media the 2018 Christmas festivities security guidelines at CPS Kampala on Monday morning.

 According to Kayima, crime tends to rise during a festivity which calls for vigilance, closely working with security agencies to address these matters to ensure total peace and security.

He cautioned parents to take care of their children and families; brief them about existing dangers including possible kidnaps, sexual abuse and murders. “These holidays tend to give a lot of liberty to children and this can cause them trouble” Kayima warns. 

Road users especially drivers have also been warned especially on highways to take extra care to ensure safety and security of persons and goods along the highways. 

“First, all motorists must have their vehicles in good mechanical conditions, have valid driving permits and avoid drink driving, over speeding. They must respect the traffic regulations and abide by the guidelines given by the traffickers on the roads and highways” he warns.

In regards to going to the beach, the police mouthpiece says all beach owners must ensure that their areas are secured from any unwanted persons by fencing it to have access control which is easy to enforce. He says this will make easier for security to secure revelers who are beach.

“Beach owners must make sure that they have a standby life savers’ team at the beach to monitor what is going on and incase of anything, they can act immediately. All beaches must have well lit environments to deter crimes that propagated by darkness” Kayima warned.