Katikkiro Mayiga talks land, security, boat cruise issues at the 26th Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko

Posted: 2018-12-03T08:17:30Z Read: 997 times
Katikkiro Mayiga talks land, security, boat cruise issues at the 26th Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko

Buganda kingdom subjects have been advised to rear domestic animals for manure that will enrich their soils. The call was made by the kingdom prime minister Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga during the second seating of the 26th lukiiko which is ongoing at Bulange mengo this morning.

According to the Katikkiro, land is too small in Uganda and this means small space for cultivation which leads to depletion of the soils and poor crop yields. 

He however says if people rear pigs, at least one cow or goats, they will get manure to enrich these soils that can be cultivated year after year and still remain rich. Owek.

Mayiga thanked the kingdom’s legal team for winning all court cases against the Kabaka and promised that even the remaining cases will be won. He advised young people who are up against the kingdom to stop wasting their time as they will never win.

On the side of security, the Katikkiro asked president Museveni to deal with security agencies and individuals who are harassing Ugandans on the streets.

He says this depicts a bad image of the country especially when it gets to international media. Mayiga warns that this could also prevent investors from coming to Uganda.
He also spoke about the letters that were distributed around Kampala threatening to kill some individuals. He was among those on the list.

“Mr. Speaker there have been cases of letters being thrown around warning to attack some individuals, even I was one of the targeted individuals, I do not know why. Now government has put cameras all over, but that is not enough. The welfare of security forces should be a priority. Especially their housing and salaries” he says.

The katikkiro also joined mourning families of individuals who were on the boat cruise that capsized and thanked Gog for the survivors. He then called upon Ugandans to stop judging those who were on the boat. 

“They said old men, eh enkulu tenywa? All these bars we pass in the night, are they only filled with young people? They should have checked the boat, when you take a taxi, do you check its mechanical condition?” the katikkiro wondered.
He also warned party animals especially elders to choose carefully the parties they attend to avoid shame. He also called upon government to put new regulations on boats especially those carrying more than ten people. The law should ensure that all boat captains are licensed, passenger guidelines, a communication centre for all boats, among others.