City lawyer calls for fresh laws on disaster management

Posted: 2018-12-03T07:58:09Z Read: 797 times
City lawyer calls for fresh laws on disaster management

Uganda needs new laws in regards to handling disasters in the country. This is an argument by city lawyer Patrick Katabazi, who says the nation cannot keep running on the laws of 1904 while in 2018/19.

This comes in the wake of a boat cruise tragedy that took lives of more than 30 people on L. Victoria one week ago s well s school fires, landslides and electricity shocks in the country.

Katabazi explains that students are still dying in school fires because dormitories are burglar proofed and in case of a fire, there is no way out. He also argues that new laws should address such issues, how to deal with landslides, maritime issues among others. 

Katabazi also says even if laws are put in place, implementation is key. He gave an example of electricity wires which are supposed to be changed every three years, but are ignored by individuals. This increases chances of electric shocks. 

The city lawyer cum political analyst blames line government ministries and authorities for failure in licensing; saying this fuels such tragedies. 

Speaking on NTV this morning, Shamirah nsereko a survivor says there was no official passenger manifest. She says while they had a whatsapp group, they never registered anywhere before boarding the killer boat.

She also does not remember seeing any police officers trying to stop the boat as argued by works minister and the police force. Shamirah however remembers seeing two police officers on the boat but their fates are unknown.

MP Muhammad Nsereko insists marine officers were watching when crates of alcohol were put on the boat and tried to stop it but were compromised. He adds that there is someone willing to testify to this. 

The survivor also said alcohol was not to blame as some drunken individuals managed to swim to safety while others could not make it especially after the boat covered them from under the water with no way out.-

She puts estimate of the people on the boat to at least 80-90 not 120 as reported by media. She adds that several individuals dropped out when dates were changed and delays of the boat on the fateful night.