MPs demand for release of Lira Radio Presenters

Posted: 2018-11-22T13:53:41Z
MPs demand for release of Lira Radio Presenters

Members of parliament from Lango sub region have asked police to release residents of Lira who were arrested for protesting against the Asian community members who allegedly murdered an 11 year old boy for ritual purposes

This morning, Unity fm a local radio station in Lira town was closed and all staff arrested for talking about the matter, while all other stations in the area were banned from speaking about it.  

MPs said it was so unfair of security agencies to arrest residents who were protesting against an unfair murder. Arrub county MP Odonga Otto wondered why police used live bullets on the protesters.

“Why would a security personnel use live bullets on civilians? These questions need to be answered. I am appealing to the army spokesperson and government spokesperson we need answers. Why do you use live bullets on lango rioters? Otto wondered.

Sandra Alum, the Oyam district woman said Langis are peaceful people and there was no need for police to shoot at them. 

“All the guns have turned and are pointing at Lira or Lango. What are all these guns for? The langis are known to be very peaceful people” she said.

Local leaders urged police to restrain the bad elements in the Indian community, explaining that several cases have been reported against them and little has been done.