Parents who defile their children are selfishly looking for ‘Orgasms’- Hon. Rwakoojo

Posted: 2018-11-22T06:32:59Z
Parents who defile their children are selfishly looking for ‘Orgasms’- Hon. Rwakoojo

Primary and secondary school teachers still use the traditional tricks of sending them to take books to the teachers’ homes and in turn defiling them there.
In the 90s and early 2000s, teachers especially in primary schools used this tricks to lure their children into sex.

At least every school visited by the select committee of parliament on sexual violence in institutions of learning, a case of sexual violence has been reported by both male and female pupils and students. 

 According to Robina Rwakoojo, the chairperson of the select committee which has so far traversed at least 20 schools, there is way too much sexual violence in schools, between teachers and students, while boys and girls are also engaging in sex.

She blames this on several books with sexual content that are piled up in school libraries. Hon. Rwakoojo urges head teachers to read all books before they are allowed into a students’ library. 

The committee chairperson adds that they met several students both male and female who fear to return home for holidays due to sexual harassment by their parents. She says authorities should stop letting such people go with an excuse of mental illness. “I do not believe these people are mentally ill. They just care about getting an orgasm but not from whom they get it. Whether it is their daughter, passersby, or anyone they can fall onto” hon.Rwakoojo says.

She promised this morning that after the committee has handed in the report; students will have a smile as more enforcement of the law will be prioritized.

The committee chairperson also advises female students to improve their dress code especially those in higher institutions of learning to avoid tempting lecturers and giving them excuses to sexually harass them. She also advises parents to speak to their children about sex and its consequences and how to handle people who come up to them with such moves. 

Hon. Rwakoojo adds that something needs to be added in the syllabus for all children to be told about dangers of sexual violence. “Sexual violence spoils the future of children and rids the country of great leaders since some victims run mad and never recover.”