Why Police Top Management Fired Police Flying Squad Operatives

Posted: 2018-11-06T08:24:21Z
Why Police Top Management Fired Police Flying Squad Operatives

Operatives under the police flying squad are back to the streets and will have to write fresh applications seeking for jobs after the Uganda Police Force terminated their services. The squad had more than 80 operatives, working as Special Police constables on contracts across the country. Their services were however terminated on Monday 5th November 2018 with immediate effect until further notice.

Sources inside police say members of the flying squad participated in unprofessional activities that have tarnished the force’s image in the public eye and that of their bosses.

The Police Flying Squad was formed in 2005 only back then known as operation Wembley. The operatives who had no uniform have been accused of engaging in torture of suspects and other forms of unprofessional behavior. Their job was to help police in fighting crime.

It was upon this that the police administration decided to let them go. On Monday afternoon, a Memo was pinned on the department’s notice board at CPS Kampala, informing them of the decision taken by top management.

Commandant Flying Squad, Peter Kakonge signed the short document reading; "All those who have been working with Flying Squad as operatives their services have been terminated with effect from 5th November 2018 until further notice."

This means that only fully trained and recognized police officers as part of the Flying Squad uniformed personnel.