Museveni Cash divides Ghetto Youths

Posted: 2018-10-10T12:30:11Z Read: 1,863 times
Museveni Cash divides Ghetto Youths

Ghetto youths in Kamwokya are up in arms against their leaders for declining to give them money donated by President Yoweri Museveni to help in economic development.

The President made cash donations of 100 million Shillings six groups in Kamwokya Ghetto. The money was delivered by a team of government officials led by Col Shaban Bantariza, the deputy director of the Uganda Media Centre, about two weeks ago. The cash is intended to boost the small business in the slum. 

10 million Shillings was given to each of the beneficiaries who include; Chamuka Youth Development Association and New Kamwokya Taxi Drivers and Conductors Association, who received 30 million Shillings each and Kamwokya Women's Twezimbe Group, Kamwokya Youth Bodaboda Group, Kamwokya Twegatte Development Association and Kamwokya Washing Bay Youth Group.

However, members of these groups claim to have not received a coin from this money, despite applying for it. Leaders of Chamuka Youth Development Association, claim they have received hundreds of applications by members seeking to take a share of the money. The Group of over 450 members has to share the 10 million shillings, which is a challenge.

At least six million Shillings has already been processed for loans and shared equally, among 20 members however, several other members of the group acacuse their leaders of frustrating their efforts to have their share of the donation adding that the money, which was initially targeting youth groups, has been hijacked by senior citizens.

Members claim they are required to come with National IDs to claim the money, yet some do not have them. But, a one Isaac Okwalinga, a leader of Chamuka said the group's main challenge is trying to organize 'the most disorganized people,’ as a number of young people in the ghetto are drug addicts who don't want to pick advice. 
He explains that some people thought the donation would be shared among individual members and have since shunned meetings called to explain how the money is going to be utilized.