Drama as opposition councilor calls President Museveni 'Bosco'

Posted: 2018-09-28T09:04:34Z
Drama as opposition councilor calls President Museveni 'Bosco'

Hell broke loose at Wakiso district headquarters during a council meeting when one of the opposition MPs insulted President Yoweri Museveni, branding him “Bosco Kataala.”

Councilors dramatically stormed out of the meeting on Thursday when Zamu Kyeyune the councilor representing Nabweeru allegedly suggested that the portrait of the Kabaka of Buganda was old and pale while that of the president was looking better. 

“Let me take this opportunity t ask the works committee chairperson why the Kabaka’s portrait hanged in this chamber is paler than that of Bosco?” she wondered.
This drew anger from NRM councilors who alleged that councilor Kyeyune had attacked and abused their president. They told the councilor that abusing the person of the president was unacceptable, before walking out in protest.

However, Ms Kyeyune claims she was misquoted by her colleagues as she did not at any point mention the name Bosco. All councilors wondered who Bosco is.

Bosco became a household name following a funny advert from MTN that portrays a man riding on a bicycle running errands. While it was meant to promote a certain campaign for the telecom operator, many a people have likened it to the President’s demonstration at his farm during his promotion irrigation. 

There were allegations that the advert had been banned, but it still airs on radio and TV stations. The councilors at Wakiso district demanded that the speaker directs councilor Kyayune to withdraw her statement in vain. The speaker told councilors there was no cause for alarm, angering NRM MPs who walked out.

Their opposition counterparts however accused NRM councilors of wasting time as if they did not have anything useful to say in the meeting.