POA Accuses Muntu of Dishonesty 

Posted: 2018-09-26T12:07:21Z
POA Accuses Muntu of Dishonesty 

President General of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) has accused his predecessor who also announced exit from party on Tuesday, Gen. Mugisha Muntu of dishonesty.

Amuriat says for the last nine months, Gen. Muntu and his team duped Ugandans as they pretended to be doing consultations under FDC yet they had already made a decision to leave the party.

He adds that by the time Muntu came to the final meeting on Tuesday, a decision had been made.

“To our colleagues who have chosen to leave the FDC, we decry the dishonesty that was exhibited in the last nearly 9 months period where consultations were done. They chose to dupe the population that they were consulting and yet they had actually made their decision. This is the highest level of dishonesty. And we would like to condemn this. To underline the level of dishonesty, there was already a post on social media that Gen. Muntu had walked out of FDC, and yet the discussions were still continuing” POA angrily reacted.

Despite this dishonesty, Hon. Amuriat says his team will keep engaging Gen. Muntu and his colleagues to see if theycan come back to the party, since they have put in much effort in building the party. He says the group is making a political loss. 

“We will not tire in engaging them. We will even continue engaging Gen. Muntu to ask him to come back. Yesterday I observed to him that they had put in nearly 14 years of hard work in the formation of this party. That is a political loss they are making and their decision is misadvised” POA added.

A former FDC president, Gen. Muntu announced on Tuesday evening that he was leaving the party. He however did not give any details, promising to hold a mega press conference tomorrow Thursday to present his case.