Bobi Wine Mourns former Driver Yasin 

Posted: 2018-09-24T10:10:41Z
Bobi Wine Mourns former Driver Yasin 

Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Alias Bobi Wine has this morning addressed the media at his home, the first time since the August 13th debacle in Arua.

Hon. Kyagulanyi addressed the international media during his stay in the US where he had gone for specialized medical treatment. He returned to the country on Thursday and was contained by security forces who have not allowed him to hold any rally.

This morning, Bobi Wine told the media that he has been able to visit the family of his late driver Yasin Kawuma who lost his life in the unfortunate incident on August 13th. The legislator says he is still trying to come to terms with the death of his frined and driver Kawuma.

“I am trying to get to terms with the brutal murder of my good comrade Yasin and many others that got killed. I just learned that the guy who was shot dead in Gomba was indeed my OB, his name was Sserungaya and we went together in Bukalagi Primary school in the days when I was still in the village. There were also people who were killed in Mityana during peaceful protests against our illegal detention, our hearts continue to be with their families” Bibi said.

The legislator added that he was told of two other supporters who were knocked dead on 28th, the day they were bailed out. According to Bobi, the duo was knocked by police vehicles while showing solidarity to the MPs.

He added that the body guard who was also arrested by police, a one Eddy Mutwe said he was blindfolded for ten years while in detention. 

The MP’s legal teams are apparently working day and night to follow up on cases against the MPs and supporters who were arrested during the fracas and days later.
“Our legal teams are working day and night to ensure that they get the freedom of these people but also to follow up the cases of our colleagues, those who have died and those who were tortured and I can guarantee you that sooner or later, justice will prevail” he said.

Trouble for Bobi Wine started when he was accused of leading a group of rowdy youths that allegedly stoned the president’s car on the last day of Arua municipality MP campaigns to replace the late Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga who was shot dead in June.

Bobi Wine was campaigning for independent candidate Kassiano Wadri the eventual winner of the same election. At least 32 people including Wadri, Bobi and other legislators were arrested and charged with treason. They are currently out on Bail and expected back in court on October 1st.