Lokodo moves to block MTN Nyege Nyege festival

Posted: 2018-09-04T09:59:44Z
Lokodo moves to block MTN Nyege Nyege festival

The state minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has written to the internal affairs minister Gen. Jeje Odongo demanding for the cancellation of the MTN festival “Nyege Nyege.”
The annual festival which brings together people of diverse cultures and from different countries is slated for this week. However, Fr. Lokodo claims it is associated to acts of homosexuality.
In a letter dated September 3rd 2018, the minister of Ethics and Integrity tells his internal affairs counterpart that religious leaders complained about the purpose of the event over the last two years.

“The nature of this event has attracted attention of several stake holders who have taken keen interest in it. Consequently I have received credible information from religious leaders, opinion leaders and local authorities that the purpose of this festival, in the last two years, has been compromised to accommodate the celebration and recruitment of young people into homosexuality and LGBT movement” Lokodo writes.

He argues that whereas the anti-homosexuality law was challenged in the courts of law, the practice of deviant sexual behaviors have never been condoned in this country. He adds that it is the responsibility of government to protect her citizens against such vices.

He now wants the police to cancel the Jinja based event which attracts hundreds of revelers. 

I urge you to instruct the Inspector General of Police to stop this event. I also propose to have a meeting with you, the IGP and Director CID to discuss this matter further.

The telecom is yet to comment on the matter, but continues to publicize the event on their social media pages.

When asked if the letter was credible, Pastor Martin Ssempa who has for years been outspoken about the vice, said it was true and he was glad. 
“Yes, it is credible……….I am glad it has been stopped” Ssempa wrote.

But MTN also tweeted that “The party is ‘STILL ON’ 2 days to #NyegeNyege, the biggest festival of the year.” The telecom’s public relations manager also declined to comment on the matter.