Winnie Kiiza’s parting Remarks as LOP

Posted: 2018-08-09T08:33:02Z Read: 1,756 times
Winnie Kiiza’s parting Remarks as LOP

Former leader of opposition in Parliament also Kasese woman MP, Hon. Winnie Kiiza has finally accepted to stand down and welcome the new LOP, Betty Aol.
Kiiza had initially vowed to remain in office, despite the appointment of the Gulu district woman MP Aol as her replacement, last week. 

The new leader of minority in the house was sworn in and welcomed into Parliament by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya on Wednesday, together with her team, she asked for unity in opposition, and a chance to show, that she is capable of performing her duties diligently.

In her parting speech, Hon. Kiiza welcomed and congratulated Aol on her appointment. She also thanked former FDC party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu who appointed her in that capacity, before the tenure of Amuriat kicked in. 

“As I leave this office, I would like to congratulate my sister and colleague, Hon. Betty Aol upon her appointment as the new leader. Allow me thank the FDC party under leadership of Gen. (rtd) Mugisha Muntu for the opportunity they gave me. It is one I will never regret” Kiiza wrote.

The Kasese woman MP further thanked all MPs in opposition and NRM that supported her work as well as change seeking Ugandans who supported her team’s efforts.

She then assured the country that the opposition is stronger and determined to push for a change that will yield. “A change that will not turn out to be a curse to the nation, a change for humanity and one that will cater for the dignity of all” she said.

On Wednesday, news spread like wild fire that 29 MPs on the FDC ticket that were against the new appointments were to leave the party and join Gen. Muntu in starting their own. However, what would be a 12:00 noon announcement did not see light as many pushed the time, until Aol was sworn in.

It remains to be seen if indeed, Hon. Kiiza will fully support her successor hon. Aol considering she had refused to stand down for her. Kiiza’s behavior in the last few days earned her public criticism of clinging onto power like president Museveni.