25 arrested in ongoing Municipality elections across the country

Posted: 2018-07-27T13:09:33Z
25 arrested in ongoing Municipality elections across the country

At least 25 people are in police custody for attempting to cause chaos in the ongoing Member of Parliament elections. Those arrested are from the municipalities of Ibanda, Kotido and Apac.

At least 6 municipalities went to polls this morning to vote representatives in Parliament. However in Ibanda, 7 agents of   Peter Agaba, an independent candidate were arrested and whisked to Mbarara after they were allegedly found in possession of sticks, stones and other sharp objects this afternoon.

Howwe.Biz got conflicting reports from the candidate Agaba, and the area district police commander, Rodgers Chebene.

While Agaba denies allegations that his agents planned to cause violence, Chebene says that the arrests were aimed at ensuring that elections are peaceful.

Meanwhile, 8 people have been arrested in Apac municipality on similar accusations. All 8 are supporters of the NRM party and were arrested last night. They are currently being detained at Apac Central Police station.

According to David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional police spokesperson, the NRM supporters were found driving a Toyota Noah registration number UAZ194E.   He however declined to divulge more details. Police also impounded a vehicle registration number UBD 371C, Super Custom belonging to Jimmy Okello, the NRM party candidate for Apac Municipality Mayoral race.

According to Ongom, they are still registering cases of people campaigning on polling day even when it is against the electoral laws.

Also, ten people were arrested last night over alleged election violence in Kotido Municipality. At least 3 motorcycles were also impounded during the operations.  

The officer in charge Criminal Investigations Department, in Kotido Joram Yeko, says that the group was involved in fights and threatening violence while some of the suspects especially Boda Boda cyclists staged illegal roadblocks.

Supporters of independent candidate, Jean Mark Aporu and the NRM's Peter Abrahams Lokii, clashed on Wednesda, leaving 40 people with injuries. Security has since been tightened in the new municipality.