MPs Re-echo call for immediate ban on Sachet Waragi 

Posted: 2018-07-26T06:39:12Z
MPs Re-echo call for immediate ban on Sachet Waragi 

Members of the 10th Parliament have resurrected the call for immediate ban on the manufacture, distribution and sale of sachet waragi in Uganda.

A section of legislators expressed concern over the delay by government to ban the production and sale of sachet waragi which is sold countrywide especially to poor Ugandans.  

This was raised by Paul Mwiru the Jinja Municipality MP who argued that even when the 9th Parliament resolved to ban sachet waragi, the ban has not been effected.  

This was originally based on scientific grounds that sachet waragi contains high ethanol content which is a health hazard.   According to Mwiru, youths in his constituency consume a lot of sachet waragi, making them appear deformed. 

“We passed a resolution banning sachet waragi from the market, we had an undertaking from cabinet that they were going to implement the ban. The effect of sachet is that young people’s organs fail and whenever they go for medication, it is non reactive” Mwiru explained.  

The legislator asked government to find a way, may be increase taxes in order to reduce production and sale of sachet waragi if the ban has proved unrealistic.  

Hon. Mwiru proposed a 500 percent tax on ethanol which is used in the manufacture of waragi to discourage its makers. His submission was supported by Okot Ogong the Dokolo South MP who expressed a desire to move a motion calling for an immediate ban on sachet waragi.

"I want to move a motion for government to ban the manufacture, marketing and sale of sachet waragi with immediate effect" Hon. Ogong said.  Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament, advised the legislator to prepare a motion and present it to Parliament. Before directing the minister in charge of trade to brief Parliament on the progress of the ban on Wednesday next week.