Museveni is abusing power- Sseggona Reacts to social media tax

Posted: 2018-07-02T09:37:08Z Read: 2,972 times
Museveni is abusing power- Sseggona Reacts to social media tax

Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Sseggona has criticized government for imposing on its citizenry the infamous social media tax, calling it abuse of power.

Speaking to the media at Twed towers in Kampala this morning, Hon. Sseggona says the country needs people who are progressive enough and know things like social media.

“But as you know the economics of the 60s that Mr. Museveni learnt together with his advisers cannot allow him understand that there are other avenues of accessing social media even when it is blocked. I think we need people who are progressive enough who know these things” he said. 

He says the president blocked social media, just because he doesn’t like what people write about him.

“He said he was abolishing social media because you use it to abuse him I don’t think that works. We have a reactionary leaders, he wakes up and says I have been insulted, let me abuse my powers” Sseggona added.

While the MP claims not to support the tax, he was not among three MPs that voted against it in Parliament. Kyadondo East MP, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, Kumi municipality MP Silas Aogon and Padyer County MP Joshua Anwarach are the only members of the house that voted against the infamous tax.

Several Ugandans have since expressed disappointment in opposition leaders who folded their hands and let it pass, only to pretend to care later.