Jinja Traffic Police Launches Operation to impound all DMCs

Posted: 2018-05-31T10:00:43Z
Jinja Traffic Police Launches Operation to impound all DMCs

The traffic police department in Jinja is up in arms against motorists with vehicles that are in dangerous mechanical conditions or DMCs. 

Over the years, Jinja has seen a rise in the number of DMC's, with some people driving cars that have worn out tyres, broken lights, gaping side mirror holes and many of them with no number plates.

Records at the traffic department Jinja Police Station indicate that 10 fatal accidents have been recorded in the past four months compared to the 15 that happened between November and December last year.

The operation which started today, (Thursday morning), and slated to last three days, saw 20 commuter taxis and 29 trucks impounded due to their poor mechanical state.

According to Ben Kukundakwe, the Jinja district CPS traffic police commander, the operations are aimed at reducing the number of DMCs, which he claims to be the leading cause of accidents in the district.

He adds that, the number of traffic personnel along the black spots of Ambercoat round about, Wanyama road and Mailo mbili, have increased from five to eight so as to intensify on the crackdown.