One dead as Health Ministry Confirms Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak in Mubende

Posted: 2018-05-27T13:03:50Z
One dead as Health Ministry Confirms Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak in Mubende

The ministry of health has confirmed an outbreak of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever(CCHF) in Mubende District.

The revelation was made by Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi, the state minister of Health for General Duties during a press conference at the ministry headquarters this morning.

According to minister Opendi, the case was registered on the night of 21/05/2018, when a 35 year old male from Nkoko sub conty in Bugangaizi County, Kakumiro district presented at Melt Care Clinic with vomiting and was admitted for 2 days. 

The victim however was not improving, prompting the relatives to transfer him to Galde Medical clinic in Kakumiro. But, on 23/05/2018, the patient was referred to Mubende Regional Referral Hospital where they immediately transferred him to an isolation room and he received intravenous fluids but unfortunately died.

The ministry has since quarantined and closely monitored attendants of the deceased who include his wife and 4 others. Also, all materials used by the deceased including a trolley and beddings were burnt.

Hon. Opendi says that a National Rapid Response Team from ministry of health and World Health Organization was dispatched to Mubende to collect more information and assist the district to mount appropriate response Sensitization Programs to educate communities about signs and symptoms and dangers of CCHF.

This has been initiated to raise awareness across the cattle corridors. The minister has appealed to the public to immediately report any cases with and bleeding tendencies to nearest Health facility. And send a free text message to 8228 or call the toll free line on 0800-100-066.

“Bodies of people who may have died from CCHF MUST be handled only by trained burial teams, Use protective wear while slaughtering and handling animals to prevent transmission of animal disease to humans, Always wash your hands with soap and water” she noted.

About CCHF 

CCHF is a viral zoonosis caused by infection with a tick borne virus. The hosts of CCHF are mainly cows, rabbits and goats. These animals become infected after being bitten by infected ticks & virus remains in their blood stream for about 2 weeks after infection. 
Human transmission may occur when human beings get into contact with infected ticks or direct contact with blood or tissues of infected animal.