Bushenyi Foot Pilgrims arrive at Namugongo, Youngest is 10

Posted: 2018-05-24T06:57:22Z Read: 2,442 times
Bushenyi Foot Pilgrims arrive at Namugongo, Youngest is 10

Several foot pilgrims have started arriving at Namugongo Martyrs Shrine ahead of this year’s Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations.

By Monday, Tuesday, over 100 people had arrived in small groups, with the largest group being that of 12 pilgrims from St. Kagwa Parish Bushenyi that arrived on Tuesday May 22nd, having left their home on May 9th 2018.


This group comprises of two minors, Crescent Tindimwebwa 11 years and Bamwesigye Bruno aged 10 years. The young pilgrims, now referred to by many as ‘Kizitos’ are said to have connected and encouraged other pilgrims to keep up with the pace.


“If we knew the way, we would have walked far ahead and reached before the others” the little ones said. 


The group also comprises of the oldest foot pilgrim to arrive so far, Mzee Benado Tibyangye, who is in his 90s. 


A group of over 300 pilgrims also started their journey from Nyamitanga Cathedral in Mbarara on Tuesday, and by last evening, they had reached Lyantonde, where they spent a night. 


Over 4000 pilgrims are expected to walk from Tororo Archdiocese starting this weekend. The Archdiocese will lead this year’s celebrations at Namugongo.


This year’s first foot pilgrims to arrive are two brothers, Nuwagaba Elly, 26 years and  Nuwagira Emmanuel 22 years who walked from Bikungu Parish in Mitooma district. The duo started its journey on 8th May and arrived on 17th May 2018. They walked about 346.7 Kilometres. 


Meanwhile, Janete Owitia Merci, 67 years was the first International pilgrim to arrive from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Owitia started her journey on Friday when she boarded a bus from Parwach, and arrived on Monday. She did not walk.