Baru Releases follow-up EP 'The New Wave Chapter 2'

Posted: 2018-05-22T13:05:45Z
Baru Releases follow-up EP 'The New Wave Chapter 2'

Ugandan Hip-Hop Producer Baru started 2018 with a number of career highlights in the first few months of the year kicking off with "New Wave Chapter 1" featuring talented rapper Delboy .

On the heels of all this, Baru is now back again with yet another brand-new EP from the same project titled “The New Wave Chapter 2”; the five-track EP sees Baru take his penchant for trap music and hip-hop to new heights giving us a better insight of what Baru and Delboy’s New Wave is bringing to the Ugandan cultural landscape.

On "You", fans are treated to a bit of a new direction from the producer on a late-night deep trap cut that fuses elements of smooth vocals, synth break-downs and rhythmic new age drums. On "Tonight” classic hip-hop fans will find a new gem to add to their collection on the punchy single that features a myriad of elements ranging from spliced in afro beat synths to distorted vocal samples, and a relentless percussion line ideal for “vibing out”.

For those familiar with Baru and Delboy's previous work on “Young King” that was heavily supported by artists including Pryce Teeba, Ivory Namara, Sitenda and Kevin Abuka (of AKA DOPE band), "Chapter 2" will provide a bit of sonic nostalgia thanks to a similar sound and production angle. The songs on the project were produced by Baru at Dustville Studios, Kampala. All the songs are written by Delboy and Baru.