Stay in Jail- Judge dismisses Kamoga Bail Application 

Posted: 2018-05-18T13:45:42Z Read: 1,614 times
Stay in Jail- Judge dismisses Kamoga Bail Application 

Christopher Madrama, the Court of Appeal Judge, has dismissed the bail application of Sheikh Yunus Muhammad Kamoga, the former leader of Jamatil Dawatil Salafiya on grounds that his application doesn't indicate that Luzira Prisons can't manage his case.
The Bail application was dismissed this morning, after the applicant failed to prove that he is sickly, Luzira is unequipped to manage his case.
Justice Madrama further explained that Kamoga was convicted on a capital offense of terrorism and therefore his application can't be handled like that of other convicts. "The application is dismissed and the Appeal case is to be fixed expeditiously and the records will be availed to the applicant", said Madrama. 
The judge then directed the Registrar of International Crimes Division of High Court to avail him with records of the proceedings, which the court based on to convict and sentence Kamoga to life imprisonment.
The accused’s lawyer, Friday Robert Kagolo filed his bail application in the court of appeal on grounds of ill health, saying his client has High blood pressure. He also argued that Kamoga is of advanced age at 65 years and therefore entitled to bail to seek treatment. 

The lawyer also told court that they decided to file for bail, because there is likelihood that there may be delays in hearing his client's appeal challenging his sentence for life in prison. 

But Lillian Omara, the State Attorney asked court to dismiss the application on grounds that Kamoga was scared by the conviction by High Court and there was a likelihood of him absconding from court once released. 

Speaking outside court, Hussein Kyanjo, one of Kamoga's sureties, said they are satisfied with the court decision and called for a speedy hearing of Kamoga's Appeal. 

Other sureties included Imam Kasozi, Sheikh Suleiman Kaketto, Nyende Ayub, Sirajje Kalyango, Yunus Butanaziba and Musa Nankumba.