Teacher Absenteeism Must stop — Janet Museveni

Posted: 2018-05-14T14:54:22Z
Teacher Absenteeism Must stop — Janet Museveni

Minister of education and Sports Janet Kataha Museveni has said the President is concerned with absenteeism of teachers and warns that this must stop.

She made the communication this afternoon during a meeting with the press at Uganda media centre where activities of the Manifesto week 2018 are ongoing.

According to the President, government spends more than 68 Billion shillings on UPE and more than Shillings 129 Billion on USE per year, but even with this, children of the poor are expelled from schools which teach poorly, yet they are paid well, yet those in private schools who are paid less in private schools are doing better.

He blames this on poor supervision by district education officers. He also warns this must be dealt with immediately.

“I want to assure you that from 2017 to 2018, the education sector continued with the implementation of the presidential manifesto 2016-2021. Among the intervention pledged to be undertaken include; provision of infrastructure, enhanced inspection of schools, skills development, and support of physical education and sports” she noted.

The minister further noted that government is training care givers to help with pre-primary education. As for Primary schools, government is constructing classrooms, teachers’ houses and increased supervision to improve on the sector.

Mrs. Museveni however said her ministry is facing challenges such as lower staffing and increasing number of students at University which compromises quality, inadequate physical and sports teachers, lack of sports facilities in some schools and low of participation in physical and sports activities by stakeholders at local levels due to monetary challenges, and low levels of funding for inspection.

“All parents who are sending children to school should pack them food. We are working with local governments and lower level cadres at LC1 and 2 to ensure that parents don’t send children to school without food” the minister said.