Disappears with Brother’s Pension money, leaves children suffering

Posted: 2018-05-11T15:48:20Z
Disappears with Brother’s Pension money, leaves children suffering

The Police in Kabale district have in custody a one Edison Kakuru Turyamureeba, for allegedly defrauding 14 million Shillings, which was drawn as pension for a deceased police officer.

A resident of Kanyamatembe village in Rubanda District, Turyamureeba is accused of swindling the money through the account of his brother Benon Mayanja, a police officer who died in 2012.

Prior to his death, Mayanja reportedly authorized Turyamureeba to take charge of his account and give his pension money to his immediate family for survival. But, the deceased's children; Kate Asiimwe and Robert Ndihomujuni are accusing Turyamureeba of abusing the trust vested in him by their father. 

They stated that Turyamureeba, who was a health worker in Isingiro District, withdrew the pension money in July 2013 and disappeared with it. They added that as a result, they were unable to complete school due to lack of school fees, and had to toil through life's hustles and hurdles. 

According to the story, on January 31, 2014, Turyamureeba escaped from his wedding service St Mark Kikungiri Church of Uganda Parish in Kabale municipality, where he was supposed to tie the knot with one Susan Nabaasa after he realized that police was at the scene waiting to arrest him over the same matter.

However, Turyamureeba’s luck runout this morning when he was arrested today morning from Ntungamo town, according to Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson.