MPs Preach Defiance to Religious leaders

Posted: 2018-05-08T09:48:50Z
MPs Preach Defiance to Religious leaders

Members of the inter religious council have to refused a 5 billion shillings pledge made by President Museveni because it will compromise the Church.

The call was made by a cross-section of Members of Parliament who claim the money meant to facilitate the council to fight poverty among the flock, might as well be a way to keep their mouths shut.

On Friday, President Museveni hosted religious leaders under their umbrella body Interreligious Council of Uganda and made them the 5 billion Shillings pledge.

However, Francis Mwijukye the Buhweju County MP says the money is intended to destroy the strong foundation of the Church. Mwijukye argues that the Church is supposed to hold the government accountable, which role cannot be played when the institution is weakened by presidential donations. 

He adds that the offer is a fraudulent transaction which the church should not be party to. Instead, it should be channelled toward supporting community initiatives to eradicate poverty. 

Ssemakula Luttamaguzi, the Nakaseke South MP shares the same thought. He says Uganda is doomed if religious institutions are penetrated with schemes that could divert them from their core mandate.

Similarly, Robert Ssekitoleko Nakifuma County MP says that although support to the Church is inevitable, such donations need to be institutionalized and reflected in the budgetary estimates for the financial year.