This year’s Labour Day to focus on Public Servants

Posted: 2018-04-30T12:50:35Z
This year’s Labour Day to focus on Public Servants

Uganda tomorrow joins the rest of the world to mark the International Labour day. The day is celebrated every year on May 1st to honour the contribution workers make towards development across the globe.

Peace Mutuuzo, the state minister for Gender Labour and social development while addressing the press at Uganda media centre this morning, explained that the day is used to create national and international awareness on the importance of promoting and protecting the rights of workers. 

This year’s Labour Day will be celebrated under the theme; “Promoting the public spirit in the public sector.”

The theme, according to minister Mutuuzo draws on the fact that public servants, like all other workers seek employment as a means of livelihood and equally have an overarching obligation to act in the interest of the people they serve. 

“This means that public officials must perform their official functions and duties, and also exercise discretionary powers in a way that promotes the public interest” Mutuuzo said.

She therefore advised public servants to; comply with applicable laws and policies, carry out functions fairly and impartially, with integrity and professionalism, ensure proper accountability and transparency, as well as exposing corruption and maladministration. 

In Uganda, celebrations will be held in Ssembabule district, at the town council grounds, President Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the chief guest.