Parliament to Vet Museveni’s Nominees for Education Service, UHRC, and Public Service Commissions

Posted: 2018-04-06T09:48:05Z
Parliament to Vet Museveni’s Nominees for Education Service, UHRC, and Public Service Commissions

The appointments committee of Parliament has designated April 12 2018, as the day it will sit to vet the presidential nominees to the education service, human rights and public service commissions.

The president appointed his sister, Dr. Violet Kajubiri Froelich and Hon. Malinga Johnson as Deputy Chairperson and member of education service commission respectively.

Dr. Kajubiri will be the first member to be vetted at 10am, followed by Hon. Malinga at 10:20am.

The duo will be followed by commissioners on the Human Rights commission, Hon. Fredrick Ruhindi, and Busingye Rusoke at 10:40am and 11am respectively.

Members of the public service commission will be vetted last.

These are; Justice Ralph Ochan the chairperson, he will be vetted at 11:20am, Ms. Musubira Hilda Deputy chairperson at 11:40am, Ms. Kabogoza Musoke Winnie Agness, member of commission will be vetted at 12:00 noon and Hajji Kamulegeya Jamilla also a member at 12:20PM.

Others on the public service commission are; Ms. Ida Tarinyeba 12:40PM, Mr. Francis Lagony 2:00PM, Ms. Benigna Mukibi 2:20PM, Mr. Bitaraneho Johnson 2:40PM and finally Mr. Laban Nini Kirya at 3:00PM.

President nominated the above people this week.

The Education Service Commission advises the President on matters of education and appointing all personnel in the education service. It also oversees both the teaching and non-teaching staff of post-primary and tertiary institutions, except national universities.

The Uganda Human Rights Commission is mandated by the Constitution to investigate at its own initiative or any complaint against the violation of human rights.

While, the Public Service Commission, among other functions, reviews the terms and conditions of service, standing orders, training and qualifications of public officers