UPDF to Remain in Somalia until 2019

Posted: 2018-04-04T14:22:06Z
UPDF to Remain in Somalia until 2019

Defence minister Adolf Mwesige will on Thursday April 12th 2018, present before Parliament a comprehensive statement on the Amisom Somalia UPDF mission.

This was reached at during plenary session this afternoon,  where members demanded an explanation as to why Ugandan soldiers remain in Somalia, despite numerous attacks that have cost this country, hundreds of fighters. 

Hon. Gilbert Olanya said that their own investigations indicate that 10 soldiers lost their lives and 14 were injured in the fight with the alshabab in Mogadishu. 
"We need to know the names of the killed & injured and when the other bodies will be returned home." 

Hon. Olanya further noted that as of last year, there was a proposal to withdraw from Somalia. He wondered what the plans are to bring back the gallant sons and daughters of Uganda from  Somalia. 

However, the Minister told Parliament that  the UPDF serving in Amisom Somalia  killed 130 alshabab fighters & recovered an assortment of weapons, adding that 8 soldiers of the UPDF died in action human. 

Mwesige further assured legislators that UPDF will not be leaving Somalia anytime soon. "The withdraw of the UPDF was discussed by the UN Security Council and other agencies & agreed that, 'since the threat still exists, the troop contributing countries should stay on until a review in 2019."