Police Torture Chamber (Nalufenya) not closed

Posted: 2018-03-23T11:26:08Z
Police Torture Chamber (Nalufenya) not closed

The Uganda police force has denied a story in media that its notorious torture chamber of Nalufenya in Jinja district has been closed.

The New Vision, run the story on its front this morning. The story got many talking especially on social media, claiming it would be taken over by other security agencies.

However, in a press statement released this afternoon, Deputy Police Spokesperson, SP Onyango Patrick, said the matter of Nalufenya was discussed in a police advisory committee but there was no decision taken or resolution made on it.

“The Inspector General of Police normally writes his orders and directives, but this has no0t been done. When that decision is taken, it will be communicated in the normal procedure and the media will be informed accordingly” Onyango wrote.

Nalufenya became a household name after several opposition leaders were held and tortured there. Many a people today, will use the word Nalufenya to mean a torture zone in their conversations, to indicate how dangerous it is.

It remains unclear, whether government is willing to lose the facility, considering the stubbornness of opposition members.