Trigger happy LDUs in trouble for Shooting Aimlessly

Posted: 2018-02-23T09:29:36Z Read: 833 times
Trigger happy LDUs in trouble for Shooting Aimlessly

As gun violence cases continue to rise in the country, some security agents still play around with guns shooting aimlessly like children playing with toys. 

This afternoon, five Local Defense Unit-LDU personnel appeared before the 3rd Division Army court martial in Moroto which sentenced them to eight months in jail for careless shooting.  

The trigger happy men include; Moses Alitei, Lobub Kudum, Joseph Lokee, Anthony Lobuu and Paul Nangiro.

The five were convicted by court martial chairman, Col. John Wasswa after pleading guilty to shooting and injuring, Nakut Nachoto and killing a donkey in Tapac Sub County in Moroto last year.  The men are reported to have opened fire at civilians during an operation in Tapac Sub County.
While delivering his verdict, Col. John Wasswa, the 3rd Division Court Martial Chairman, said the sentence serves as a warning to LDUs entrusted with government stores. He notes that carelessness in gun usage can cause death of innocent people.