Drama at Naguru Headquarters as Kirumira walks free

Posted: 2018-02-22T15:19:05Z Read: 2,897 times
Drama at Naguru Headquarters as Kirumira walks free

Drama ensued at Naguru police headquarters moments before a verdict that would see former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira was granted bail.

Drama started when police officers denied journalists coverage of the court proceedings, arresting some of them who insisted on taking some pictures when the van carrying the suspect arrived. 

Police has since denied assaulting any journalists, claiming that it was a measure to control tempers. 

Inside the court room however, the troubled celebrity cop was granted bail, by the Police Disciplinary Court chaired by Denis OdongPinny.

Kirumira was released Kirumira on Thursday afternoon after presenting another celebrity cop, Assistant Commission of Police, Sam Omalla as his surety. Omalla is famous for giving former FDC president Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, sleepless nights years back.
Court chairman, OdongPinny directed Kirumira to report to the Police Professional Standards Unit at 9:30am every working day as part of his bail term before stopping him from intimidating witnesses and speaking to the media until the matter is concluded. 
During the sitting this afternoon, the Prosecutor, Steven Ojala presented two witnesses Steven Ovulu and Catherine Kusemererwa to pin Kirumira for alleged misconduct during his last appearance before the same court contrary to police standing orders. The duo told court that during his last appearance, Kirumira protested the bail terms and rudely stormed out of the dock without even saluting the officers who were presiding over the disciplinary court as required, and roughed up officers who tried to restrain him. 

However, the suspect denied these charges and challenged the prosecution witnesses to produce statements or any evidence implicating him. 
Kirumira faces charges of corruption, bribery, unlawful arrest and excessive use of authority.