Soldiers steal from State Lodge

Posted: 2018-01-09T08:46:53Z Read: 1,921 times
Soldiers steal from State Lodge

Trouble has befallen two soldiers deployed to guard Morulinga State lodge in Napak district after they were arrested for alleged theft of two water tanks valued at Shillings 2 million. They are Lance Corporal, Lason Mugume and Private Rogers Agaba.

The duo is said to have stolen the water tanks over the weekend and sold them to Dirisa Ndyanayo alias Obama, a prominent businessman in Moroto town who has also been arrested.

3rd Division army spokesman, Captain Abert Arinaitwe says they are holding the soldiers and the businessman for theft of the water tanks that were in the compound of the state lodge.

Capt. Arinaitwe explains that the soldiers will face the court martial while the businessman will appear in a civilian court. The army has already recovered the water tanks.