Kabafunzaki corruption case hearing flops again

Posted: 2017-12-14T10:00:55Z
Kabafunzaki corruption case hearing flops again

A case in which suspended junior labor Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki is accused of corruption has flopped again, after anti-corruption court judges failed to show up at court.

A seemingly frustrated Kabafunzaki showed up at the Anti-Corruption Court in Kololo along with his lawyer David Balondemu of Balondemu and company advocates, only to be bounced until December 19th.

Grade one Magistrate Patricia Amoko told the duo that judges are in a three day workshop and will not be available to hear cases until 19th December.

Kabafunzaki was in April this year arrested at Serena Hotel for allegedly soliciting a 5M bribe. The then junior minister allegedly asked for sh10m from businessman Mohammed Hamid of Aya Group who was facing sexual harassment allegations from an employee. 

Kabafunzaki allegedly asked Hamid to pay him 10M to kill the case that had reached his office. On the fateful Saturday afternoon, the minister was cornered at Serena hotel Kampala where he had gone to receive part of the money.

He was arrested alongside two of his aides Brian Mugabo and a one Bruce Lubowa. He was found with an envelope containing the said money. Kabafunzaki has since been disgracefully fired from the ministerial job. He denies the charges. 

An arrogant Balondemu told reporters off this morning when they attempted to ask him what had happened in court.