Kigezi High School Students in trouble Over Strike

Posted: 2017-10-18T09:49:42Z Read: 3,610 times
Kigezi High School Students in trouble Over Strike

Police in Kabale have in custody eight students of Kigezi High School for masterminding the torching of a prefect's dormitory alias "White House. The suspects are senior six candidates and their senior five counterparts.

Students were picked up on Tuesday following a violent strike that led to the burning of "White House and one of the houses used by the senior man teacher, James Katureebe. The students rampaged after the school management expelled four students for their alleged involvement in a sexual affair.

They also demanded the transfer of their Deputy Head Teacher in Charge of Academics, Edson Bakiga for allegedly cruelty. The students also accused the administration of failing to buy a pickup truck yet they have been contributing Shillings 50,000 each term since 2013.

Ely Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson, says the suspects were picked up after preliminary investigations implicated them for being the ring leaders of the strike. Maate says that eight other students are on the run, saying police is in pursuit.

Stephen Mugume, the head Teacher Kigezi High school says that the expelled students violated Rule 20 of the school that prohibits all sorts of sexual immorality. Mugume says there is no way the school can turn a blind eye to cases of indiscipline among students.
However, one of the students accused of masterminding the strike deny any wrong doing, saying they were already asleep by the time strike started.