Police Urges Parents to Screen House Keepers before hire

Posted: 2017-09-11T10:52:37Z
Police Urges Parents to Screen House Keepers before hire

The Uganda police force Interpol and Peace Support Operations has asked Ugandans to get their house keepers screened for crimes before employing them.

The call was made by Dr. Fred Yiga, the Police Director Interpol on the sidelines of the ongoing regional police meeting at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

He says one of the mandates of Interpol, apart from ensuring international and regional cooperation in the fight against trans-national crime, is to reduce domestic crimes in the country.

Dr. Yiga added that these services Dr. Yiga are available at a fee of between 50,000 and 60,000 Shillings. He urges Ugandans who intend to secure the services of house maids, or home workers, to approach his directorate to do a thorough criminal screening about them.  

This is aimed at ensuring the households are kept in the know what criminal records the maids they plan to employ have. Dr. Yiga says it reduces risks of trusting one's home and children with maids whose backgrounds they hardly know.

The Interpol Director says Uganda Police has a criminal database which entails fingerprints of every person that has ever been held as a suspect or criminally charged by police across the country.

He said that once a person brings the intended employees for vetting, police crosschecks with their database and advises the employer accordingly. Dr. Yiga notes that this builds confidence among house maids, or domestic workers in general, to work with one heart once they know police has their details.