Meet Akello Lillian Who Has Earned A Fortune From MTN Mobile Money

Posted: 2017-07-18T06:22:16Z
Meet Akello Lillian Who Has Earned A Fortune From MTN Mobile Money

Eight years ago Akello Lillian who owns a small retail shop in Ntinda along Kyambogo Road was a struggling kiosk owner in the heart of Ntinda trying to eke out a living by selling groceries. However since she joined the MTN Mobile Money business as an agent it has been a revolution, so much so that it has brought in more money than her main retail business does.

“It has improved my life and brings in much better income than selling the things that you see here in the shop” as she points animatedly to her well stocked kiosk, which has been fittingly been named “All In One”. Akello Lillian, also known as ‘Mama Susan’ to her customers and the community, has seen the wonders of MTN Mobile Money and she knows the trick: “As long as you have capital, you can use it to get more money. Your money makes you more money”.

As a wife and mother to three girls aged 27, 23 and 15 and having a granddaughter aged 3 years who she takes care, Mama Susan has seen the wonders of MTN Mobile Money saving her customers a lot of trouble, even in the middle of the night and toughest of situations.

“These people you see driving here (pointing towards the busy Kyambogo Road), they have run out of fuel so many times and they come here to withdraw money to go and get fuel from the petrol station up here” she says, with the tone of a person who has seen it all. From selling tomatoes fifteen years to a fully-fledged “All In One” kiosk Mama Susan says her commission on a month can be as high as UGX 300,000.

It is such amazing real life stories of Mama Susan and others that drove MTN Uganda to celebrate the MTN Mobile Money month that kicked off from July 1st 2017 and runs until August 5 2017.