Panic as Energy Minister & Top Government Officials Receive Death Threats

Posted: 2017-04-26T10:58:01Z Read: 4,072 times
Panic as Energy Minister & Top Government Officials Receive Death Threats

There is panic at the energy minister and Makerere University after unknown people circulated a letter threatening to kill Minister Irene Muloni, Makerere council members and other top government officials for allegedly swindling public money.

The message by a group which calls itself M40 Battalion says that they will kill the minister, officials of Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Energy and Makerere University Council members among others. Also mentioned in the letter are officials from the national environment watchdog--NEMA, National Social Security Fund (NSSF), UMEME, Uganda electricity distribution and generation companies, and the National Planning Authority.

M40 Battalion spread the threat through social media on Tuesday.

According to the letter addressed to Whom It May Concern, the suspected criminals say they shall kill whoever shall comes across within their target bracket.

"We shall use all the possible methods available to kill and this time our main targets are the government thieves most especially in the government ministries and government corporations as listed below," reads the message in part.

The police spokesperson Asan Kasingye says the force has already began investigating the message.

"This is just like all the other threatening messages that have been going around. Like the Inspector General of Police said, they are meant to create fear in the people. We are handling the matter," Kasingye said to the media.

IGP Kale Kayihura has also ordered all units to keep alert and monitor all officials from the named ministries and entities.

The head of security at Makerere University, Jackson Mucunguzi, has already issued an official communication to the Makerere University Council calling for calm.

"I hereby inform you that joint Security Operations as per IGP Kayihura's communication to the country is closely monitoring the said groups and we have equally intensified both uniform and plain-clothed security personnel to calm the situation," reads Mucunguzi's letter.