Kabafunzaki woes escalate, accused of fleecing millions from youth

Posted: 2017-04-25T08:06:25Z
Kabafunzaki woes escalate, accused of fleecing millions from youth

The interdicted Industrial Relations State Minister and Rukiga County Member of Parliament, Hebert Kabafunzaki is still swimming in hot soup, after a fresh controversy emerged over a fake labor export deal he is allegedly involved in.

Ninety two youths mostly drivers, have come out to openly accuse the thieving minister of collecting money from them with promises of securing them employment in Qatar and United Arab Emirates in vain.                                                              

According to the youth, Kabafunzaki collected from them Shillings 600,000 each together with his Political Assistant in charge of Muhanga town council, Allen Kabasi Kyirasha. The un suspecting youths say they deposited the money, which was meant to help process their travel and medical documents, in Equity bank Kabale branch on account  number 1032200893120.

Kabafunzaki and Kyirasha allegedly promised to fly them out if they paid in February this year but to date nothing has happened. They add that after paying the money, Kabafunzaki and his aide cut off communication with them.

They now want the minister and Kyirasha to refund their money since they have lost hope of flying out to work.  

Sulait Tuhame, a driver and resident of Nyabubaare cell in Kamwezi Sub County, says he heard radio announcements on the prospective employment abroad. On inquiring from Kabafunzaki's office in Muhanga town council, he was advised by Kyirasha to pay Shillings 600,000 via Equity bank Kabale branch in order to help process his passport and medical report.

According to Tuhame, after paying the money, Kyirasha told him he would receive a call from them on when he will fly to Qatar in January this year. He explains that Kyirasha also told him to only call Kabafunzaki in the night in case he wants updates on his travel plan, but his phone doesn't go through.

Douglas Asimire, a resident of Rutobo in Kayonza Sub County in Ntugamo District, says that he rushed and paid money in Equity bank on January 12, 2017 when he heard about the deal from Kyirasha with the hope of securing employment in UAE. He explains that after paying the money, Kyirasha directed him to handover the bankslip for safe keeping as he waits for Kabafunzaki to make arrangements for his travel. 

Jackie Kembabazi, a resident of Muhanga town council says she paid money in November and was told she would travel in December. According to Kembabazi, although she was convinced to pay the money, she was never briefed on the kind of job she was to get.


Ronald Twinamatsiko, a resident of Kafuka in Muhanga town council says he paid all the money on January 15th this year after selling his piece of land. He however, says he has waited for the deal to mature in vain. He suspects that Kabafunzaki could have conned them since there is nothing to show that they will travel any time soon.

Kabasi Kyirasha declined to comment on the accusations leveled against her and Kabafunzaki. However, Kabafunzaki denied any involvement in the fake deal.

“Me as a person, I am not supposed to have a company. But if they are impatient with them, they can go back and they are refunded the money. As far as I am concerned, no company has started taking people out. I don’t have a company, whoever is complaining, should go to the company he paid and registered from. I am not part of the company” Kabafunzaki argued.

The issue comes a few weeks after president, Yoweri Museveni suspended Kabafunzaki for allegedly soliciting a bribe of Shillings 30 million from Hamid Muhammed, the Director AYA Group of Companies, which owns Hilton Hotel in Nakasero.