Panic at Kyambogo as Academic Staffs threaten strike

Posted: 2017-03-30T10:29:23Z
Panic at Kyambogo as Academic Staffs threaten strike

Academic staffs at Kyambogo University have issued an ultimatum to the administration to pay them their extra load teaching and part-time allowances or else they lay down their tools on Friday this week.

According to reports, at least 800 academic staffs at Kyambogo University haven't been paid their extra load teaching allowances since November last year. They are entitled to teaching allowances when they exceed the minimum load of 10 hours each day.

The Chairperson Kyambogo Academic Staff Association-KYUASA, Rev. Dr. John Lubaale says the university owes them over Shillings 1 billion.

Hey says the staffs have a right to be paid their allowances since they played their part.

Dr. Lubaale, explains that Kyambogo University uses part time lecturers due to staffing challenges, but while some staffs on permanent employment earn their salaries, they are also entitled to extra load allowance. 

However, this hasn't been paid since December last year. Patrick Madaya, the Acting Kyambogo University Secretary blames the delayed payment of the allowances on the migration to the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) where all money is sent to the national treasury.

Madaya says they have alerted the Finance ministry on the urgency of the payments, adding that they expect to receive the money this week.