Civil Aviation Authority MD Axed

Posted: 2017-03-29T12:45:30Z
Civil Aviation Authority MD Axed

The contract of Managing Director of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Wenceslaus Rama Makuza has been terminated with immediate effect, and replaced by his deputy.

Susan Kataike, the Public Relations Officer of Ministry of Works and Transport, CAA's parent ministry, says Makuza's contract has been terminated in both CAA and the country's interest.

Kataike says CAA Deputy Managing Director, Dr. David Mpango Kakuba, has been appointed acting Managing Director with immediate effect.

Ms. Kataike explains that the CAA Board, chaired by Engineer Edward Mike Ndawula, appraised Makuza as part of a routine process, and, "found his performance wanting".

The Board would then submit its report to the line minister, Eng. Monica Azuba Ntege, who discussed the appraisal results with both the board and Makuza himself before cracking the whip.

She adds that the performance appraisal showed below average performance by Makuza and it was imperative that he be relieved of his duties.

Armed with the dismissal letter, the Board members Tuesday reportedly stormed the CAA headquarters to deliver it but found Makuza out of office.

She adds that Minister Azuba has directed the CAA Board to find a substantive replacement for Makuza as soon as possible, adding that the process will start in earnest.

When contacted for a comment, CAA's Public Affairs Manager, Vianney Luggya, could neither confirm nor deny the developments, promising to call back later.

Makuza's contract was supposed to end later this year and it is unclear what compensation he will be given. He was one of the best paid government officials, raking in 30 million shillings per month.

Makuza's reign at CAA has also been bedeviled by a string of scandals like smuggling of drugs, animal parts, minerals and other contraband goods.

The Entebbe International Airport has also persistently faced reconstruction delays, hygiene challenges, alleged corruption, contracts bungling and nepotism in employment.

The Inspectorate of Government and parliament are investing corruption cases in CAA, a case in point being reports of 5.4 billion shillings paid to a group of city lawyers controversially contracted to collect a debt the government accepted to pay.

There have also been reports that fuel at the authority is allocated to individuals for weddings, introductions and other private activities.