Besigye’s High Court Appearances Cancelled, file sent back to Nakawa Court

Posted: 2017-03-20T09:57:42Z
Besigye’s High Court Appearances Cancelled, file sent back to Nakawa Court

Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye the former Forum for Democratic Change party, presidential candidate will no longer appear before High Court in Kampala after all his files were transferred to Nakawa for joint appearances.

Today, Besigye was supposed to appear before High Court for extension of his Bail, but since he had vowed not to appear at Nakawa again, his lawyers applied to have the bail extension hearing so they are both hear at the same time with case mention.

They have now joined both Mention and Bail Reporting. Besigye promised to keep appearing before court until he deems it fit to stop. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Noah Ssajabi who extended his bail to April 28th.

“The lawyers had applied that this case be transferred so that its heard at the same time with the bail extension, and that application was accepted, that my bail extension will be also the mention of the case. So I am no longer going to go back to the High Court” Besigye told reporters at court.

He added; “I will only be coming here, which for me is alright. I come for my bail, but the other case I have just forgotten about it. I don’t expect that anything will happen to it. I will come for my bail until I decide otherwise and may be go back to jail.”

Besigye says there is no case that will ever come out of the Nakawa court, explaining that he can only keep on extending his Bail.

“The Bail has been extended to the 28th of April when I will appear again for another extension.