Kabale Head Teachers in hot soup over Poor performance

Posted: 2017-02-03T09:30:49Z Read: 2,069 times
Kabale Head Teachers in hot soup over Poor performance

Authorities in Kabale District have tasked Head teachers of all government aided schools to explain the poor performance of candidates in the 2016 Primary Leaving Examinations.

According to results released last month by the Uganda National Examinations Board, only 334 candidates out of a total of 5,519 candidates obtained division one. Another 2018 students obtained division two, 1314 obtained division three.

The results further indicate that 502 students obtained division four while 153 failed the examinations. In addition, 81 out of 152 primary schools in the District, failed to register any single candidate in division one.

The most disturbing results were from Musamba primary school in Rubaya Sub County where, 17 out of the 23 candidates were ungraded, four obtained fourth grade, and only two attained grade two.

Now authorities have tasked head teachers in whose schools failed to register impressive results to explain the cause of the poor performance.

Kabale Chief Administrative Officer Abert Matsiko Mutungwire says that every primary school in the district was capable of recording more than four candidates in division one. To his dismay, many of the schools struggled to excel adding that head teachers need to take full responsibility for the decline in performance.

Mutungwiire says that authorities will use the reports from head teachers as a basis for future action to redeem the education sector and improve performance of students. He adds that some head teachers could be severely punished if it turns out that they failed to play their part. Such punishment could include demotions, among others.   

Kabale District Chairperson Patrick Besigye Keihwa says that education authorities will table the reports and apology letters written by head teachers before education stakeholders and District Service Commission for discussion.

Kabale District Education Officer Sabiiti Kenneth Baabo says that the head teachers whose schools performed poorly yet they have a record of absenteeism will not survive the demotion.