Rolex Minister Launches ‘Weekend Escape’ Project

Posted: 2016-08-25T09:16:58Z Read: 3,741 times
Rolex Minister Launches ‘Weekend Escape’ Project

State Minister for Tourism, Hon Kiwanda Suubi has today launched yet another new project dubbed the "weekend escape" to promote tourism.

Hon. Kiwanda has become famous and is widely criticized for launching a rolex as a tourist attraction.

He this morning told the press at media center that the ministry is starting a new program called "Tulambule" to visit different areas in this country & promote it.

The minister, says this program aims at increasing the GDP of our nation, claiming that tourism adds more than 10% revenue to this country's earnings.

“We want to make sure that Ugandans also enjoy the features in Uganda & a trip will be made every month.”

Hon. Kiwanda also says "Tulambule" program is forecasted to create jobs for people once it is a success.

“Success of "Tulambule" will make the country be able to earn even without support from the international community. Tulambule targets moving to all parts of Uganda & not discriminative of income or age.”

The minister also bragged that for the first time Ugandans are going to enjoy the road with "swagga," while UTB has organized hotels to sleep in.

“The program will run for 10 months & by then, we hope to have toured the whole country. Very many people think it's the foreigners that go to visit our wildlife, but now we are doing this as Ugandans” the minister said.