Musicians Who Are So Boring And Disappointing On Stage

Posted: 2015-11-20T10:29:41Z
Musicians Who Are So Boring And Disappointing On Stage

Being an artiste demands a lot. Apart from penning down your songs and composing them, to recording them, there is another major act that you must undertake to be the one to call when ever there’s a big show. In Uganda there are amazing performers who will send you to the 8th heaven when they perform. Artistes like Chameleone, Cindy, Gravity Omuttujju, Sheebah, Bebe Cool, Vampino etc, will give you a not-to-be forgotten performance.

Opposite these guys is the other group who are just interested in coming on stage, singing or rapping their lines, walking around and shouting on top of their voices to hype the audience and going home to sleep. They do not put any work into their acts and will just come up and perform. Their performances are mostly average or below par. Lets look at a few of them;


He has banging songs and he always gets audience singing along to his songs but truth is that his stagemanship sucks…He pretty much just walk around the stage from one end to the other. He need to wake up.


On the oocasions that I’ve watched Julaina perform, I had not been impressed. Yes her songs are mostly mid-tempo or slow-tempo but it doesn’t mean her performance should also be so boring. The Celine Dion’s do what we call “cools” but you’ll be on your feet when they perform. She needs to up his stage game.

Irene Ntale

Up until her performance this year and at the recently held Ne-Y concert, Irene Ntale had been criticised on many occasions for her unimpressive stage performances. I hope the great reviews she has had recently will spur her on to perform better now.


There’s nothing to say about Fille performance except, “sleeping tablet”……. Watching Fille perform is a sure way of getting you to sleep. Fille does basically nothing but walk around and showcase her big thighs. The fact that her songs are also up tempo or danceable, makes her performances the more depressing. She doesn’t even do the basic dance two-step, doesn’t have the dance gestures right, 90% of her time on stage she is facing her audience but doing a lot of nothing, she gives them her cute face only. I guess she isn’t just bad at singing……


He’s one of those rappers who just stand and deliver. Nothing impressive or amazing about his stage act, just normal. He doesn’t give you the wow factor that artistes like Gravity Omuttujju, Mun G, will give you. Maybe he’s SHY, who knows…..


He has dope tunes, no doubt, but his performances leave much to be desired. He does the usual noise, running around and doing some uncoordinated dance moves. He mostly looks a mess on stage. It’s like doing a thousand things at the same time. He doesn’t put much work into his performances.


A REMA performance can give you a heart attack….lol…….. She just doesn’t impress. her songs mostly get the audience to react by singing along but left for her performance proper, they would have broken down. She just doesn’t put enough into it. The most annoying thing is she has got the best songs to make fans woow…but does nothing about it. SMH!