President Museveni Gets Yet Another Campaign Song

Posted: 2015-11-07T09:58:40Z

This Museveni Song is the best you haven't heard. Titled "Tumuchaguwe" a Kiswahili word meaning let's vote him is another big song that has gunned a lot of airplay and support in clubs in Western Uganda.

Composed by Watson and Skylanta under Deconcept Inc, a Western Uganda based company that manages these artists, the song is inspired by the achievements the NRM government has done under the good leadership of Museveni.

The song which is already rocking youths in Western Uganda given the appeal the artists have and command in the region has left many opposition bigwigs in the region with a sour test worried about losing the Support of the youth in the  region .

Download/Listen: Tumuchaguwe

The song which is largely in Kiswahili blended with some Runyankole and English will have a large appeal country wide given it is a danceable tune and given that it is recorded in three different languages that everyone will easily understand.

 Many music pundits have come out to note that it's the best Campaign song the movement has so far. This comes after many other songs like Tubonga Nawe