Singer Ray G Outs Mureebe Video — Watch Now

Posted: 2015-10-27T06:46:32Z

Few musical videos have left me with such feeling of satisfaction like “Mureebe.” Ray G adds more feathers to his crown daily and this leaves a follower of his videos in some awesome state.

Mureebe” is a beautiful piece that compliments the song. All that was required to make it successful were provided; simplicity and a story.

It begins with the charming Ray G attracting a lady who’s probably also interested in Ray G: the chemistry between them can vividly be seen in this amazing video. This charm follows Ray G throughout the story as he is being chased by this sexy video vixen. I wish to be chased too, not by bomb scare but pretty women.

The little dance in the video was well choreographed, although it had to do with a lot of freestyle. And the shots were admirable. Nothing inspires me like good shots at the beach.

It was directed by AHD pictures and shot in a beaching setting. The video is presented by Deconcept Inc. audio is done by Alpha Music.

Watch it.