Juliana Kanyomozi Wins Big At Coke Studio with Ololufe/Haturudi Nyuma (Mash Up) — Download Audio Now

Posted: 2015-10-22T08:30:26Z Read: 13,499 times

Juliana Kanyomozi yesterday won big. Her unique music style earned her the coke studio album cover song.

Juliana who all went cozy in Coke Studio Africa with Nigerian singer Mr.Flavour with their music mash hit Ololufe/Haturudi  Nyuma produced by Producer Masterkraft who fused Flavour’s “Ololufe” and Juliana’s “Haturudi nyuma”.

Listen/Download Now: Ololufe/Haturudi

Juliana expressed her gratitude and thanks through her wall: "Yessssssss we won!!!. Thank you all the fans who voted for our mash up @2niteflavour and myself. Ololufe/Haturudi. Produced by the amazing @masterkraft_ . It will be on the Cokestudio album. Blessings."

Watch the Ololufe/Haturudi Nyuma (Mash Up)

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