Ray G Shoots His Mureebe Video – Photos

Posted: 2015-10-16T10:36:29Z

For a long time people have been asking themselves whether western Uganda shall ever produce other hit makers other than Tonix and Lady Mariam aka Tindatine.

Well, the question has been answered by the young and talented dude Ray G who seems to have joined the music industry with a different perspective of taking western music to a whole different angle.

The 22 year old who personally confessed that he is the reason why Tonix fled western Uganda is soon premiering his mega video, which is anticipated to take the country by storm!

Howwe.Biz has learnt that Ray G recently shot his Mureebe video. Apparently, Mureebe audio is rocking western Uganda by dominating all major radio stations count downs!

Download: Mureebe and Other Songs by Ray G

Meanwhile, we have managed to get photos of the behind the scene of this upcoming video and it looks gracious.

In the photos, Ray G is seen worrying close to the video vixen as the chemistry between them seems to be for the Casanova that has just rediscovered love! We are not clear what the two could have done after the video shoot, but for the meantime let’s enjoy the moments!