Who Is This "freaky" Lady, Shivan Pavin Makombo!?

Posted: 2015-09-30T06:51:43Z

Uganda's internet and social media sites have of recent been jammed with provocative and disturbing images of a young lady with hundreds of Rings laced all over her face and body.

Our snoops can now confirm that she is called SHIVAN PAVIN MAKOMBO, a singer who performs with the Fantasies Galz, a Kampala girl band that sang the viral domestic violence advisory hit, "onsabatula nga NGALABI".

Much as Shivan is not directly part of the Fantasies Galz, Shivan Pavin features VIVIDLY in the audio and she can also be seen in the Opening and all through out the music video and has on several occasions been seen performing on most Fantasies Galz shows.

Shivan is not new in the Ugandan entertainment industry and she is also known to have done a stint with another Kampala group called CITY ROCK that sang the melody, "TEDDY TEREZA" with King Saha. A controversial and self confessed BISEXUAL, Shivan is said not to be good with the law in many fronts, from accusations of Arson, causing grievous bodily harm, grand theft auto, hate speech, sexism to mention but a few, a type of idol not recommended by any human below 18 years.

Disgruntled with failure to be incorporated into the fantasies galz, it is said Shivan managed to convince Nyoro prince, musician and talent financier, Patrick Mukuru also known as Oil Dimes to help her kick start her new record label called MAKOMBO MUSIC of which Shivan is the CEO.

Under Makombo Music, Shivan has released 2 singles, "Super Winner" and "Bitono Bitono" which shall be running alongside Oil Dimes' new song off the Ngalabi album titled, "Holiday Time" ft. Fantasies Galz and Rapper Flex Dpaper.

We shall be following this "disaster in waiting" and you can catch the first news on this site.

Download "Bitono Bitono" and "Super Winner" here>