Apass' Song Wuuyo To Headline Amama Mbabazi's Campaigns.

Posted: 2015-09-07T16:55:44Z

As Amama Mbabazi's consultative meetings fire up, HowweBiz has exclusively learned that the former prime Minister and presidential hopeful is reportedly going to use singer Apass' Wuuyo track as a theme song for his Campaigns and consultative meetings.

Sources have reliably intimated to us that Amama Mbabazi's team is looking to contact Apass on matters concerning adopting his Song.

Our watchdogs in Mbale have revealed that Mbabazi was today welcomed with the Song Wuuyo by his supporters " he very much enjoyed the Song and couldn't hesitate to shake a little bit, he might consider using the Song for the rest of his Campaigns" says a source.

Wuuyo has been a big hit since it's release few months ago, Apass sings about a girl she is in love with and makes lots of vows, promising to stay with her for the rest of his life.

The lyrics can be related to Amama Mbabazi's political ambitions, he describes himself as the Man who'll take this Country forward.